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The History of Club Pomona

Foundation Members Pomona Bowling ClubCommunity spirit and good old fashioned hospitality is the very foundation of the Hinterland town of Pomona, and has played a key part in the formation and success of Club Pomona.

When a group of locals gathered at the Sunshine Cafe in Memorial Avenue in August 1948, to discuss the formation of a lawn bowls club, they knew it was the start of some very hard work. The club was founded, the swampy ground was filled, the foundations were prepared and, eventually, a four rink green was laid with couch grass and the first games were played in November 1948.

Our very first Pomona Bowls Club President was bank manager, Mr GK Rigby. And when the ladies club was formed on October 10, 1949 – known as Associates of the Pomona Bowling Club – it was Mrs M Overell who stepped into the role of Ladies Club President.

Facilities in those early days were nowhere near as good as they are today! But life certainly improved for our bowlers when the first clubhouse was built in 1951. The timber building was officially opened on November 18, 1951. This building served as the clubhouse until 1977, when a new brick clubhouse was built, thanks to the help of many volunteers with the official opening on November 20, 1977. The aim was always to add and improve and, in 1982, the original couch green was replanted with Tift Dwarf. In 1989, the green was reconstructed. Between 1975 and 1993, vacant land to the east of the green was purchased for future extensions when required.

Over the years the clubhouse has been extended to include a larger bar, gaming and lounge area and better toilet facilities. Gaming machines were introduced on June 4, 1993 and today, the Club has 12 gaming machines on the floor.

August 5, 1995 was a very important day, for it was the day the Men’s and Ladies Clubs amalgamated, and we became known as Pomona Bowls Club Inc.

In late 2009, Pomona Bowls Club was successful in obtaining a Queensland Government grant to install a much needed retractable shade cloth over the green. And, in May 2016, with another Government grant, we installed floodlights for evening bowls.

In 2019, Pomona Bowls Club members voted on a name change to reflect the change in times, and Pomona Bowls Club now trades as Club Pomona.

In 2023, Club Pomona celebrated our 75th Anniversary. We’ve certainly come a long way since 1948 and members can be very proud of the success of Club Pomona and we look forward to welcoming a growing number of members and visitors in the years to come.

Board of Management

ChairmanDavid Cameron-Hands
Deputy ChairmanJohn Bawden
TreasurerJudith Muir
SecretaryRobyn McAnelly
Committee MemberVeronis O’Connor
Committee MemberJohn Stewart
Committee MemberPatrick Gray Spence
Committee MemberJocelyn Rabjohn

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